This site is about my personal journey into the world of paper cutting/craft.   I used to be a hobbyist designer (with a degree in Digital Art) but nowadays my hands shake like a hyperactive rattle-snake so I was looking for a new creative outlet.  I tried a few things; abstract art (so that my shaky jive could be misinterpreted as creative genius), candle-making (there’s only so much I could enjoy about dipping a wick into wax), Hama beads (impossible and I discovered that the cat was eating them….interesting multi-coloured poo). Then I tried something more radical – graffiti art and discovered that I am not a fast runner.

Then I splashed out on a paper-crafting kit and discovered that the only limitation is imagination (which, without being overly confident, meant that paper cutting is limitless!).  I discovered that when I lean on the knife, the shaking decreases and that the cutting board also helps to stabilise me.  So now I’ve decided to log this new hobby and hopefully share anything useful for other creatives or curious folk.


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