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Superglue, Knives and Birds Oh My!

It was 2am in the morning, the moon was high and there wolves were on the hunt (ok thats not accurate- it was raining and there’s no wolves).  And I had just nearly finished a complicated-ish (I’ve only been at this for 3 weeks now) papercut when my knife slipped.  It ran over my thumb […]



With blades getting switched out after nearly every papercut and my finger developing a strange cramping feeling in only my middle and pointy finger and three papercuts a day (much like being tortured by Manticore) – I am still determined to master Lettering (said with a fake dramatic echo).  Its just trying to get the […]

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Tea Deer?

Today I tried, by far, the most complicated Cut so far. It was of a deer with interesting horns. It was one of those doodles you start when you’re on the phone to someone and then it spiralled out of control.  It is also the first cutting with my new blades with are vastly superior […]

dinosaur field trip

Something Different

Today I cut something a little bit different.  I was wonderin’ if people thought that it was to ‘dark’?  I used to visit museums when I was little and I’ve always loved (and wanted a pet) dinosaur. I know it looks alittle wonky – I need to get better at straight lines and frames in […]

bear and the hare

Bear and the Hare

Can anyone guess what inspired this little creation? I’ve cut him in black and in white but this is only the black one (see pic). Today I wanted to chat about paper thickness. I thought that if I used thicker paper that the little bits of the design wouldn’t tear off but I was wrong. […]

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Oh My Stars (and a little template for You)

Hello there, fellow people interested in paper-cutting Tonight I cut some stars and my first word “twinkle” and I thought someone/other learners might want a little basic template to try so here’s just a little one for practicing. So far I’ve found out that you should try and cut out all the small inside bits […]

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Wonky Butterfly

Tonight I was wondering if I was ready for something slightly more detailed than my previous…um efforts. But I wanted whatever I was going to make look different as well (this is a poorly formed sentence).  So I doodled a butterfly but I think butterflies must be definately common in paper cutting so I pondered.  […]