Thankyou Mr Mitchell

I don’t usually get good luck.  I’m the one that falls in the river after passing the cat to the fireman, I’m the  one who doesn’t win the lottery or even a raffle. Ever.  My mail often goes missing, my computer monitor blew up in a tiny puff of smoke, I accidently swallowed a superglue lid, a battery burst on my tongue and got hit by a taxi on my first day of university in the big city.  In my short life (so far) I have been shot (protecting my youth group), run over (first day visiting a city) and stabbed (it’s not cool like in the movies – you collapse, fall unconscious and wet yourself).

But I do love Science Fiction and right now I am really enjoying a show called The Tomorrow People, so much so that I did something I’d never done before.  I think it’s called ‘Fan Art’ (I think that’s what people call it online). And I choose an actor called Luke Mitchell who’s acting made me smile this week.  I won’t lie – he’s very handsome. Most people on TV are nowadays.

But good looks don’t make people smile for the first time in weeks, good Actor’s do.  His talent in acting is fantastic for his viewers.  He is someone who will have a brilliant career and I truly wish him and his family all the best in the world.

Right now I’m in hospital but the nurses are letting me continue to paper-cut as they have accepted my argument that paper-cutting is therapeutic (I’m in my own room anyways) and it keeps my cogitative abilities going (I’ve just had a hole drilled into my skull to relieve some swelling).  So using my little mobile to load a picture of Luke Mitchell and cutting a little bit of paper-art out wasn’t as easy as I had thought.

But I got there (I think I’ll be able to do better once I’m back on my feet).



I decided to Tweet the paper-cut of Luke Mitchell (I’m so hip I now know what twitter is and my best friend built me a little shop – when it sells things I can keep the heating on at night…instead of hugging my cat for dear life. Rain and cold pretty much cover the environment). I don’t tweet or Facebook about hospital – it seems crass and unnecessary but what Luke did really cheered me up and the nurse that took my vitals at midnight said that everything was looking a lot better.

He retweeted me and sent me a lovely twitter tweet – Wow! I don’t know how you did that… Awesome! And thank you. X 

What a lovely young man. I feel great. That’s all I really wanted to say.  I’m sure he’s a very busy man but it really has made me feel better.  I know it sounds silly and I’m not really into ‘media’ or fame or any such overhyped nonsense but what a lovely person to have used a bit of his time to be kind to someone in the back of beyond.


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