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Predictions 2014

Chaos and corruption will appear, bleed out and spread on something called weebell (not the correct spelling but thats it sounded phonetically) A virus that causes nosebleeds will come forward. The cure is in the code but the price is deliberately inflated. Cancer is destroyed by Scorpio. A dirty war with espionage will take root […]

If I had a million dollars…….

So last night I was staying at an acquaintances house. I’ve never met her before and I wasn’t feeling confident. See I knew she had an affluent background (privately educated, world travelled, used words like ‘Dubiously’) so I wore my best clothes and I took my security blanket – a craft knife and some paper. […]

Hello There (>insert drabble<), Welcome Home

I’ve been having one of those weird weeks. Last week I was feeling uninspired (I was still doing things but on soulless autopilot – like my dentist) I was the metaphorical snail about to be crushed by the proverbial boot. But! This week I’ve perked up a bit – Everything is inspiring me. So whilst […]