Predictions 2014

Chaos and corruption will appear, bleed out and spread on something called weebell (not the correct spelling but thats it sounded phonetically)

A virus that causes nosebleeds will come forward. The cure is in the code but the price is deliberately inflated.

Cancer is destroyed by Scorpio.

A dirty war with espionage will take root in the hearts of ALL men and yet no one will change this fate.

The flames from the left will smoke the streams.

782 people will die uniquely but are connected.

Chlorine and Cinnamon will play a part.

The king will turn dark and forget his heart thus loosing his place.

There’s a new whale and a third eye.

The tower of Babel (the internet) will bleed -and decay will etch itself into the roots.  The old decay will spread and take the place of new potential.

Traitory from the highest will murder the lower, as it was written in fire and sealed in blood.

The Earth will shake and holes like cheese will spread across the land. Yet the red mammel will become extinct.

The ability to let the soul float is created but the patent is kept by the poisoned apple.

….and chocolate will turn to ash.

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