If I had a million dollars…….

So last night I was staying at an acquaintances house. I’ve never met her before and I wasn’t feeling confident. See I knew she had an affluent background (privately educated, world travelled, used words like ‘Dubiously’) so I wore my best clothes and I took my security blanket – a craft knife and some paper. There’s a girl out there that wanted to buy “The Mad Hatter” papercut but since selling the original – I’ve never been able to cut it right. So I took that design with me and cut it at 4am, letting it distract me from my position crouched on the most uncomfortable bed (and this is how such I am>) in the World.

It was interesting meeting her. She lives in a different reality and that’s ok. We all do. But to be honest; I watched her children, admired the house (although apparently it wasn’t as good at their last house – it had a diving pool) and the way they interacted with each other….. and folks – I’d rather be poor with manners.  Both children privately educated/tutored (the best money can buy) and the oldest tells the youngest that they’re a “dick head”.  And the parents shrug helplessly “What can we do?” I had a few private suggestions – log off Facebook, do some parenting but to be honest I didn’t care.  I wanted to go home.

From the second I’d left the house my brain was unhelpful with the mantra “Home Home Home Home” but in the boredom I started to think – if I had cash, what would I do?

Well I’d get a farm with 11 acres of land and three houses on it. All three houses would belong to friends, but my room would be present in a heated barn nearby. It’d have a bathroom, a screen printer, desktop computer hub, a comfy chair, a ps3 (not ps4 because that’s just decadence ;), a laser cutter, a hammock, fridge, double bed (so the cats can stretch out) and arts/craft supplies everywhere with enough craft knives to start a medieval army. I’d be an entrepreneurial-type methinks, trying new things constantly, travelling the globe but always returning to The Barn.   Every so often attending a charity gala, an exhibition opening and sipping orange juice (cause I hate wine).  My hair would be pinned up with light curls floating down.

That’s all I’ve came up with – what would you do?


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