Almost there (alias. The Big Push)

Well its been an exciting week. Finally told some folk what I’ve been up too (learning papercutting) and people seem to like them!! Which is way more than I could have ever hoped for.  The twitters round the 2000 mark (but the facebook struggles a bit) and we’re building a wee shop to see if anyone would part with cash.  A vague cashflow would allow me to buy more frames & paper & blades (since the 1st of January I’ve burned through 500 blades)-  the rest of the munnies right now would go towards saving Rhinos which had a bloody aweful year last year.  If anyone has time NOW is the point where I would like to spread the vibe so that i’m ‘out there’  Love, cats and Papercuts (the good type) Scribblewolf xoxo

ps. Did you knw that Rhino’s Squeak?


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