5 putterfly

Wonky Butterfly

Tonight I was wondering if I was ready for something slightly more detailed than my previous…um efforts. But I wanted whatever I was going to make look different as well (this is a poorly formed sentence).  So I doodled a butterfly but I think butterflies must be definately common in paper cutting so I pondered.  […]

9 kit

My Beginner Kit

Well it’s December and I’ve decided to buy a gift for myself, from me to me, for good….well alright….I’ve not killed anyone – behaviour.  It is a Papercutting/Crafting Kit for Beginners.  In the kit there was a knife (maplin), a self-healing cutting board (that heals itself – not my fingers) and few templates to get […]

11 hans

The History

Papercutting is the art of cutting paper in pretty things. And that used to be my total sum of knowledge on the subject. Then I discovered that my favourite author Hans Christian Andersen (1805–1875) (Danish Dude) was also known for papercut artwork. And that got my attention.   I was also mentally shopping for a new […]

4 birdy

I drew a bird!!

And called him frank.  Then I kinda thought he looked lonely so I drew him a lady…bird. And then to make sure their genders were obvious I gave the man-bird a top hat (so that he’s a proper chap) and since he got a hat, I gave the girl bird a little parasol.  But most […]

10 bits


So today I have dedicated my afternoon to cutting little random shapes of joy. I have to admit that stars look the coolest but they are also the easiest things to cut and circles are really hard to get perfectly round so I’m just going to keep practicing until its right.  Its a shame you […]