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A True Art?

I’ve been doing some reading about papercutting but there aren’t that many books about it to be honest. I think it’s either an ignored artform, called something else by the professional ladies and gentlemen or maybe papercutting is kind of self-explanatory and doesn’t require further research.  Or maybe, shudders, it’s not considered an artform at […]

9 kit

My Beginner Kit

Well it’s December and I’ve decided to buy a gift for myself, from me to me, for good….well alright….I’ve not killed anyone – behaviour.  It is a Papercutting/Crafting Kit for Beginners.  In the kit there was a knife (maplin), a self-healing cutting board (that heals itself – not my fingers) and few templates to get […]

11 hans

The History

Papercutting is the art of cutting paper in pretty things. And that used to be my total sum of knowledge on the subject. Then I discovered that my favourite author Hans Christian Andersen (1805–1875) (Danish Dude) was also known for papercut artwork. And that got my attention.   I was also mentally shopping for a new […]

4 birdy

I drew a bird!!

And called him frank.  Then I kinda thought he looked lonely so I drew him a lady…bird. And then to make sure their genders were obvious I gave the man-bird a top hat (so that he’s a proper chap) and since he got a hat, I gave the girl bird a little parasol.  But most […]