A Post that will Rhyme and a Poem with Time

Since this post is about my first ever poem
Cut with a blade whilst in my small home
I think it should rhyme and have a nice twist
Just like cutting those letters with a flick of the wrist

start full poem

It started with finding a nice swishy font
And buying the copyright from my favourite haunt
Then drawing the hearts and pretty nice keys
And drinking numberous cups of various teas

midway full poem

After many failed doodles and numerous duds
I took a nice break soaking in some bath suds
Then gathered my wits with renewed determination
Trying to bring papercuts to the whole nation

I have to honest, I thought “maybe I’m too crap”
The details are too teenie and left me in a flap
But then on day two I thought – just do your best
If it doesnt quite work then move onto the rest

(Since idea’s are not short and theres loads in my head,
Just give the hard ones a shot and try not to dread)

full poem

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