If I had a million dollars…….

So last night I was staying at an acquaintances house. I’ve never met her before and I wasn’t feeling confident. See I knew she had an affluent background (privately educated, world travelled, used words like ‘Dubiously’) so I wore my best clothes and I took my security blanket – a craft knife and some paper. […]

Hello There (>insert drabble<), Welcome Home

I’ve been having one of those weird weeks. Last week I was feeling uninspired (I was still doing things but on soulless autopilot – like my dentist) I was the metaphorical snail about to be crushed by the proverbial boot. But! This week I’ve perked up a bit – Everything is inspiring me. So whilst […]

block back

How to Frame Papercuttings (straight to the point & rant free)

It’s called a Box Frame.  And it’s usually a type of frame used to display medals, seashells and other precious sentimental things.  You can type it into ebay, google or even explorer. A Box Frame usually looks like this (it can be different colours or sizes but note the depth)   See the shadow it […]


Almost there (alias. The Big Push)

Well its been an exciting week. Finally told some folk what I’ve been up too (learning papercutting) and people seem to like them!! Which is way more than I could have ever hoped for.  The twitters round the 2000 mark (but the facebook struggles a bit) and we’re building a wee shop to see if […]


Paper Cutting (from my cats point-of-view)

P.O.V of my Cat, Sherlock. His deep and meaningful interpretation of paper-cutting as art. :-There IT (my human slave) goes again. IT’s making noise and scrunching up the paper into a ball for me. I go into the bin and get a hold of it. I throw it in the air, ignoring my humans lamented […]


Weak Week

Well I had managed to cut a poem and my confidence was fairly confident. “The world is now my paper-cut Oyster” I thought to myself.  Karma at this point was probably having a similar metaphorical reaction except its went like this – “Mwahahahahahaahahahaa” cue diabolically finger movements. The beginning of my week was rather positive. […]


A Post that will Rhyme and a Poem with Time

Since this post is about my first ever poem Cut with a blade whilst in my small home I think it should rhyme and have a nice twist Just like cutting those letters with a flick of the wrist It started with finding a nice swishy font And buying the copyright from my favourite haunt […]